As discussed previously, the holidays bring stress with them, but we need to make sure not to forget about ourselves and our partners and our sex life! Think about having scheduled sex time, as well as quick sex in between all the festivities going around.


  1. Arguments are bound to happen, especially since the holidays are times when our finances are stretched and our emotions run high. It is important to try and find the pause and reset button. Sometimes it can be as easy as putting the argument aside and taking a bath together in order to relax and get your bodies arouse. When the body is aroused and the mind is relaxed, it sets the perfect scenario for sex.
  1. One fun way to increase your desire for sex, is to agree with your partner that this year as a present, you are going to give yourselves sexy presents. They could be in the form of an erotic book or film, or simply creating a shame free zone where you are allowed to tell each other your fantasies, discuss your views on certain taboos etc… By doing so, you create deep connection and security with your partner.


So as the holidays approach, remember to look after yourself and try to think of creative ways to keep the fire going in your relationship and not let the stress affect you.


Dana Scicluna Azar is a relationship and sex advisor at willingness. She offers therapy to both individuals and couples. She can be contacted on You can visit her profile on: