The holidays are around the corner, and although Christmas time is a time to be joyful, it can bring a lot of stress with it. Amidst this stress it’s important not to forget about our sex life. In the next two blogs, I will explore some tips on how to creatively increase sex during the holidays.


  1. Let go of the idea that sex needs to be spontaneous to be sexy and amazing. Sometimes we need to schedule a sex date! Anticipating and knowing what’s going to happen later tonight will even increase our pleasure.
  1. On the same note, in order for sex to be great, it certainly doesn’t need to be long. Let’s get back the quickie! Sometimes the best sex is the one that is ‘stolen’ in the shower before work, or 10 minutes before your guests arrive for a Christmas drink.
  1. Sometimes during the holiday stress, all you need is to get some connection from your partner. Try to schedule a lunch date together away from the crowds and your families/friends, use that time to talk about what you might want to do to each other the next time you get a chance to be alone.

I will continue talking about how to remember your sex life during the holidays in the next blog.


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