Willingness | Meet Free-Spirited Franziska

Meet Free-Spirited Franziska

On 14th May 2021, Free-Spirited Franziska Inge Richter met her first Willingness clients right after graduating as a Transcultural Counsellor. This open-minded, positive and unstoppable individual has had quite a positive influence on the Willingness Team and we’d like to

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Willingness | Meet Joyful Johanna

Meet Joyful Johanna

Joyful Johanna Cutajar joined the Willingness Team in 2021 as a counsellor. She describes herself as young, inquisitive and empathic which are qualities that make for an excellent member of the team. 

1. Describe Willingness in 3 words.

Johanna: Dynamic,

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Willingness | Do I need a counsellor or a therapist?

Do I need a counsellor or a therapist?

We often hear the terms ‘counsellor’ and ‘therapist’ when referring to professionals in the mental health field. Although these terms are usually used interchangeably, these two professions are not the same. Yet, both professions assist their clients to work on

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