On 14th May 2021, Free-Spirited Franziska Inge Richter met her first Willingness clients right after graduating as a Transcultural Counsellor. This open-minded, positive and unstoppable individual has had quite a positive influence on the Willingness Team and we’d like to share her perspective with you.

1.Describe Willingness in 3 words

Franziska: Hand-in-hand. Professional. Forward-thinking.

2. What’s your role at Willingness? What does it consist of? 

Franziska: As a transcultural counsellor and part of the Sex Clinic Malta, I am seeing both individual clients and couples in counselling sessions – with special interest in sexuality, relationship issues, trauma, and general mental health.

3. Why did you choose Willingness? 

Franziska: The Willingness Team is well-known for a holistic approach to client work with a good reputation. It is multi-disciplinary and open-minded towards people of all ages and from all kinds of backgrounds – one of the few teams in Malta that welcomes and appreciates foreign professionals like me.

4. What do you like the most about your job at Willingness?

Franziska: I love my whole Willingness experience:

First of all, seeing my clients working towards becoming better versions of themselves and all the hard work they put in on their journey to live a more fulfilling life motivates and inspires me. And then, of course, there is the team. We meet regularly, learn from and support each other! We give each other feedback regarding our client work and tips on how to move forward in difficult situations. We have many in-house training sessions to share our knowledge with each other. We have a well-organised and welcoming work space. I know that there is always someone with an open ear around to answer questions and make my private practice less lonely.

5. How long does it take you to get to Willingness?

Franziska: A little longer now after my relocation to Portugal: a 20 mins Metro ride to the airport, a 3 hour direct flight (best case scenario, if available), approximately 1 hour on 2 different busses from Malta Airport to Kurkanta bus stop in Zebbug (being realistic it takes 1,5-2 hours depending on traffic) – Well, I’m not the fastest of all!

6. What would you say to a colleague who’s thinking about joining the Willingness Team?

Franziska: Go for it, you will be part of an amazing, professional and welcoming team!

7. What have you learnt since joining Willingness? 

Franziska: I am good at what I am doing (based on feedback of clients and colleagues) and happy about my career choice. Being challenged and supported by other professionals is worth a lot. I can be myself and be accepted and appreciated as a professional at the same time – it’s a great experience!

Thanks to all our interesting training, ongoing blog writing and input in our regular meetings I actually never stop learning and growing as a professional.

8. Does Willingness add to your practice? If yes, what?

Franziska: Big time, where to start? There is constant support, input, exchange of experiences and ideas to improve, professional and modern premises for my client work, including our convenient online clinic. Being a multi-disciplinary team consisting of many professionals with different interests, we get matched with our clients by our hard-working triage team which makes the experience so much more enjoyable – for both clients and us professionals. It saves a lot of time and I can focus only on what I am trained on: conducting counselling sessions.

If you’d like to book an appointment with Franziska or another professional from the Willingness Team, you can do so here

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