Joyful Johanna Cutajar joined the Willingness Team in 2021 as a counsellor. She describes herself as young, inquisitive and empathic which are qualities that make for an excellent member of the team. 

1. Describe Willingness in 3 words.

Johanna: Dynamic, current, innovative

3. What’s your role at Willingness? What does it consist of? 

Johanna: I am a Counsellor at Willingness. As a Counsellor, I seek to build a therapeutic relationship with my clients who are either individuals or couples. Whilst offering a safe space, I actively listen to my clients and encourage them to work towards their goal/s. I also help them to find ways to work through and understand their problems until they have acquired healthy skills to deal with their own issues effectively and reached their full potential.

4. Why did you choose Willingness? 

Johanna: Willingness has always intrigued me. I think that their adoption of a multicultural team and the variety of services and professionals to choose from promote and enhance inclusivity, and innovative ideas. Moreover, this caters for the various needs that clients present when they first come to Willingness. Being part of the Willingness Team, I know that I can grow both as a person and a professional, especially given the number of opportunities that they offer.

5. What do you like the most about your job at Willingness?

Johanna: Being part of a relatively young and dynamic team is one of things I like most about my job at Willingness. I also like the idea of the fortnightly team meetings, in-house training, workshops, and other events that are continuously being organised which I perceive as an opportunity for personal and professional growth. These also enable me to socialise, both in a formal and informal setting, and provide new knowledge and expertise whilst allowing me time to share my knowledge and expertise.

6. How long does it take you to get to Willingness?

Johanna: This depends on the location from where I leave. For instance, whenever I leave from my workplace, it takes me around 20 minutes whereas whenever I leave from my place of residence it takes me 35 minutes or more depending on the traffic situation.

7. What would you say to a colleague who’s thinking about joining the Willingness Team?

Johanna:  I would definitely encourage my colleagues who are thinking about joining the Willingness Team. I might tell them something on the lines of, “Are you seeking to invest in yourself, be acknowledged for what you do, and feel a sense of belonging? Then, look no further! Apart from promoting your qualifications, skills, and expertise, Willingness provides personal and professional growth and literally offers a shoulder to lean on. Once you join the Team, you will never feel alone!”.

8. What have you learnt since joining Willingness? 

Johanna: I have learnt the importance of working in a team rather than working alone and getting to know the other members of the team on a personal level not just on a professional one. I have also learnt the skills and expertise of other professionals and the importance of working holistically with clients. Willingness has also taught me the importance of being an active member of the Team and specialising in my profession rather than staying on a generic level.

9. Does Willingness add to your practice? If yes, what?

Johanna: As I have already mentioned, Willingness further enhances my skills and expertise and makes sure that I continue investing in myself both as a person and a professional. It also provides the opportunity to become more qualified and experienced and exposes me to various therapy modalities and psychological schools of thought.

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