Willingness|How to deal with diabetes-related stress?

How to deal with diabetes-related stress?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder caused by ineffective production or utilization of the hormone insulin. The physical and psychological costs of diabetes can be high. Besides disease-specific symptoms, diabetes can lead to considerable physical, emotional, and social stress. Let’s try

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Willingness|DIABETES 101


Even though diabetes is one of the most common diseases for the last 10 years, it is an issue that is not emphasized by many people. This is shown, as some individuals try to find the cause of some of

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Willingness|How can a dietitian help with diabetes?

How can a dietitian help with diabetes?

Dietitians form part of the healthcare team that provides help to individuals of any age who might have type 1, type 2, or even gestational diabetes (high blood sugar during pregnancy). How much your blood sugar is controlled would depend

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