Willingness | <strong>Finding Harmony in a Hectic World</strong>

Finding Harmony in a Hectic World

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is key to our physical and mental wellbeing. Yet, finding harmony in a hectic world is a struggle that many of us continue facing on a regular basis. To find harmony, prioritize balancing work, relationships, exercise, … Read more

Willingness | Can mindfulness help you sleep?

Can mindfulness help you sleep?

Sleep is a big part of our life: we spend about one-third of our entire life sleeping! That  is because sleep is extremely important for our bodies. It allows our mind to rest and  enhances concentration, memory and focus. In … Read more

Willingness | 5 Ways to Ground Yourself

5 Ways to Ground Yourself

Have you ever experienced the feeling of your mind drifting away, following some stray thought in your head, rather than being fully present in the moment? Your answer to this question is almost certainly going to be yes because this … Read more

Willingness | Mindfulness meditation is not for me

Mindfulness meditation is not for me

Why all this fuss about mindfulness?

In the ‘Annual Review of Clinical Psychology Journal’, the psychologist Joseph Wielgosz and his team explore the recent strong interest of mindfulness practices in mental health treatment. Below I will describe three … Read more

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