Willingness | Myth-busting: Depressive disorders

Myth-busting: Depressive disorders

Depression is one of the world’s primary causes of illness. Despite this, there are many misconceptions about it. People who suffer from depression are frequently subjected to the stigma associated with mental illnesses. To help fight this prejudice, let us

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Willingness | Myth Busting: ASD

Myth Busting: ASD

A disorder we often come across is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Although this diagnosis is becoing more common, many do not understand what it is. Let us explore the definition of ASD and three myths which we may encounter.


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Willingness | Myth-Busting: Autism

Myth-Busting: Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental condition that can cause social, communication, and behavioural challenges for the diagnosed individual. A lot of cases of Autism are diagnosed during early childhood, sometimes as early as 18 months. Parents or caregivers

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Willingness | Myth-Busting: Borderline Personality Disorder

Myth-Busting: Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a psychiatric condition which is characterised by intense emotions, fluctuating moods, problems with relationships, an unstable sense of identity, and impulsive and self-damaging behaviours. BPD is one of the most stigmatised mental health conditions and

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Willingness | Myth Busting: Eating disorders

Myth Busting: Eating disorders

Mental health disorders which are increasingly becoming more common are Eating disorders. Although such disorders have been treated by professionals for many years, they can be challenging to understand. In fact, eating disorders are surrounded by myths and misconceptions, and

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Willingness | Myth-busting Schizophrenia

Myth-busting Schizophrenia

A type of mental health disorder we often hear about is schizophrenia. Despite many have heard of schizophrenia, it may not always be clear what this disorder entails and how it would look or feel like. There are a number

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