Supportive psychotherapy

A client and I have been working together for a couple of months now. He’s been going through an acute stress reaction triggered by a distressing event in his life. By the time he sought my help, he had been

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Willingness | 8 Ways to Cope with Parental Alienation

8 Ways to Cope with Parental Alienation

Being rejected by your son or daughter is a painful feeling. Although parents know that separation and divorce are not easy, most would never dream of their children disappearing from their life forever, seeming like a monster in response. Often,

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Willingness | Object Constancy in Therapy

Object Constancy in Therapy

This client I’ve been working with for about a year now, decided to move to a new country two months ago. We continued working together and she recently came into the session with the realization that she doesn’t miss anyone

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Willingness | Should I Start Family or Individual Therapy?

Should I Start Family or Individual Therapy?

Deciding whether you should start family or individual therapy can be a big decision and every case is different. As the names imply, individual therapy concentrates on a person’s personal struggles, whereas family therapy looks outside the individual and adopts

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Willingness | Working with Parental Alienation

Working with Parental Alienation

Dr. Vincent Marmara who is a Statistician and Researcher recently carried out a study where 600 people were questioned about the meaning of Parental Alienation. The results showed that 80% didn’t know what the term parental alienation is. In fact,

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Willingness | Working with cultural differences in family therapy

Working with cultural differences in family therapy

Cultural differences provide novelty, excitement, curiosity and the possibility for personal growth and enrichment as human beings learn more about a perspective that is different from what they know. Difference also provides challenges as the possibility to misunderstand when you

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Willingness | Breath in Therapy

Breath in Therapy

If you’ve noticed your therapist asking about your breath, there’s a good reason for this. Oftentimes I ask my clients: “How are you breathing?”, “How’s your breathing?”, “Are you breathing?”, etc. 

At the beginning of our therapy process, they usually

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