It can be a thrilling experience to quit your regular job and work for yourself because it  opens up a new universe of limitless opportunities. It demands passion and patience  because it is a risky endeavour. Still, not everyone can handle being their own boss. The  pros and cons of being your own employer are further explored below. 

The Pros 

No limit to income 

The amount of money you can earn after starting your own business is unlimited. All the  money you make is yours to keep. In contrast, as an employee, your monthly salary  would be a fixed amount unless you work overtime or on a commission basis. By  handling the majority of tasks yourself or with assistance from family or friends, you can  significantly lower the costs associated with the running of your business. 

Make your own decisions 

Having your own business means you have complete control over every decision. You  might be receptive enough to hear other points of view, but ultimately you make the  choice. You can establish a business anywhere you want, and decide when to report for  duty. It is up to you how the environment is set up and what tools are used. You get to  pick the product category and the price range you want to sell. No boss is around telling  you what to do or how to do it. 

Creativity is unlimited 

It is entirely up to you once you begin creating and running your own business whether  you will offer your clients services or products. You will need to develop a production  and distribution system if you want to trade in goods. People’s preferences change over  time, and it is critical as the boss to be aware of these shifts or you risk losing some of 

your customers. Being your own boss gives freedom to adapt and evolve with your  customer based on their needs. 

The Cons 

Steady income not guaranteed 

Every business experiences periods of growth and periods of lesser growth or loss. Even  though you get to keep all of your gains in a successful month, there can be periods  when you lose money rather than make it. If you are your boss – managing the business,  you may need to use up personal funds to support the operation and prevent it from  going out of business. 

The business becomes your life 

When everything at work functions properly, it feels great. On the other hand, when you  are not present, everything at work stops working, making your presence crucial. This  may mean that to avoid having to stop all operations, there would be little or no time for  holidays. Furthermore, when you must be away from your business for an extended  period, such as becoming ill, your business is likely to experience a difficult period. 

You finance every activity 

Even though you have complete flexibility to choose the environment and tools for your  business, the money spent comes from your own pocket. If you do not own the property,  you will need to pay rent each month and budget money for occasional equipment  upgrades. Other expenses may include utilities, maintenance services and wages if you  also employ personnel. 

Above, we have explored how it would transpire to be your own boss. Being self employed offers you the chance to express your ideas creatively while earning money.  On the other hand, there are also challenges as owning a business could result in occasionally generate less money than projected, which can put pressure on the  business. 

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Charlot Cauchi is a Gestalt Psychotherapist at Willingness. He has experience working  with adult clients with mental health difficulties, anxiety and depression, loss and grief,  traumatic experiences, stress and relational issues.  


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