Personality is shaped by the unique set of genes one inherits from their biological parents and from environmental influences. Studies based on genetic data have found that the environment contributes for roughly 50-70% of one’s personality. As humans, we have a natural need to shape our surroundings to our requirements. The living space, such as places like your home, begin to reflect the personalities that occupy them over time. Let us take a closer look at this and what it can hint about your personality.

Main Door

As the entrance to your living space, your main door is the first thing people see about your personality. The colors and decorations chosen have more significance than you may imagine. When you come across a door that has been decorated, take some time to consider the items that have been chosen to be displayed. Color is a crucial feature. It can reflect a person’s personality or simulate specific feelings. Some examples can mean; white (clean, simple), yellow (confident, humorous), red (welcoming, vibrant), brown (warm, reliable), and black (authoritative, sophisticated). 


Kitchens are often at the heart of the home, ready to welcome family, friends and visitors.

The food kept out in the open can display the most evident of characteristics. Studies have shown that people who keep a bowl of fruit, instead of breakfast cereal or soft drinks, weigh less on average. Similarly, the choice of coffee might reveal a lot about one’s personality. If you enjoy black coffee, you are an easy person. Adding milk to coffee helps others think of you as being more nice and accommodating. Sweet and blended drinks hints to a younger, perhaps more spontenaous individuals. 


It is in our homes’ private areas that we may genuinely get to know ourselves. We prepare ourselves in the bathroom before we go out in the world. Here, you can learn not only how you organize your space, but how you manage the bath-tub or shower. Units that are spotless show that the owner prefers things to be in order. Indeed, there is a lot to learn about someone on the surface of their bathroom, without having to go inside the drawers.


A bright bedroom may indicate emotional stability, whereas nostalgic persons are more likely to clutter it. Because the bed is the focal point, the first thing one will notice is whether the bed is made or not. Making one’s bed in the morning can show that a person has a routine and follows through commitments. As mentioned earlier, colors can also reveal personality. White, beige, and gray tones may indicate inhibited types, whereas red, pink, and purple tones reveal more affectionate types. Stripes represent confidence, polka dots represent fun, and animal prints represent creativity, while apprehensive types may choose geometric patterns. 


Walls are like blank canvases ready to be painted. Indeed, walls can assist in telling your personal tale. When walking into a living room, one might find a picture of a family member on the coffee table, which can explain one thing, while a quote on the wall can explain another. The items on walls and furnishings will differ from one room to the other. How you arrange your chairs and sofas can say a lot about how social you are.


Ever realized that plants can speak for you? Others can tell if your environement is thriving and full of life, or dying and turning brown, depending on how you care for your plants. Long-lasting plants may indicate that you are not an attention seeker, but rather calm and flexible. Succulent plants are edgy and can show an independent side, while orchid owners are intuitive and good listeners. Plants are more than a mere representation of your personality features and behaviors. 

Above, we have explored some ideas of what your living space can say about you. I hope you can take some ideas into consideration for when moving things in your environment. Remember, because your environment is handmade, it fits you perfectly.

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Charlot Cauchi is a Gestalt Psychotherapist at Willingness. He has experience working with adult clients with mental health difficulties, anxiety and depression, loss and grief, traumatic experiences, stress and relational issues.