There are for attachment styles, and most people have various traits of the four, which may change with time.


  1. Secure Attachment Style:

It is easy for people with this attachment style to become emotionally close to others and be comfortable to depend on others and having others depend on them. They usually don’t worry about being alone or having others accept them. People with secure attachment also have ups and downs like everyone else and do become upset when provoked, but having said that, their overall mature approach to relationships makes this the healthiest of the four styles.


  1. Anxious-preoccupied attachment style:

People with this style want to become emotionally intimate with others but find that often, others are reluctant to get as close to them as they would like. They are uncomfortable to be without close relationships, and they worry that others don’t value them as much as they value others. They are inclined to have more stressors in their relationships (real or imaginary), which can manifest through jealousy, control, possessiveness etc. They also require constant validation and reassurance to feel secure and accepted.