1. Dismissive-avoidant attachment style:

People with this attachment style feel comfortable without close relationships, it’s important for them to feel independent and self-sufficient. They don’t like to depend on others and have others depend on them. They may desire freedom, pushing away anyone who gets close to them, and avoiding true intimacy. Some may also be passive aggressive or narcissistic.


  1. Fearful-avoidant attachment style:

People with this style are somewhat uncomfortable getting close to others although they would want emotionally close relationships. They find it difficult to trust others or depend on them. They worry that they may get hurt if they allow themselves to be close to others. They struggle with having confidence in others and tend to push people away.


Although people with predominantly secure attachment style tend to have healthier relationships, it is also possible for those with predominantly the other styles to have healthy and successful relationships. They need mutual support, the willingness to grow together, the courage to seek professional help when needed and most importantly the ability to be self -aware