Having sex for the first time is one of the most important and intimate steps towards any relationship. It not only connects you physically with your partner, but is also a step closer to exploring and understanding your body. In order to make the experience pleasurable and pain-free, there might be some useful health tips to consider. 

1. Preparation

Contrary to popular belief – that everything will just come naturally – beginning a sexual activity does require preparation. Reading and understanding about sex is quite important before getting into it. Finding out about what you may or may not like, studying about erogenous zones and sexual organs can help you understand what you may or may not like during sex. 

Additionally, you would also want to know about protection methods, so that you can remain protected. Ensure that before you start, you have everything that you need including condoms, lubricants, etc. all of which could be bought either online or from a drug store. 

2. Hygiene

As much as we would want to get right into having sex, taking care of hygiene is also essential. It might be a good idea to cut your nails and wash your hands before beginning. For women, it is advisable to pee before and right after having sex. This will help to reduce chances of having any urinary tract infections. Once you are done, ensure to clean up any body fluids with a wet towel or wipes.

3. Establishing trust

This is an equally important health tip. Whether you think you will be with the person for the rest of your life, or you think having sex with them is a one-time thing only – knowing that you can trust that person will ensure that you have a pleasurable yet safer experience. One thing to ensure is discussing sexual health history; when was the last time you and your partner got tested for sexually transmitted diseases and if either of you have ever tested positive or got treated for it. You can also choose to tell your partner if it’s your first time, as it might help them be quite careful and also discuss both of your expectations.

4. Different types of sex

It’s important to know before you begin that there are different types of sex. And sex can mean different things to different people as there is no one particular way to do it. For instance, oral sex refers to using the mouth to suck other person’s genitals. Vaginal sex is when the male penis enters the female’s vagina. Anal sex is when the penis goes into the anus. You can choose however you want to experience your first time sex, however, ensure that you use protection such as condoms to protect yourself and your partner from HIV, STIs and/or unwanted pregnancies. 

Preparing for a first time sex can be a daunting and exciting process at the same time. It’s important to have clear communication with your partner about what you may or may not like and ensure that essential health care steps are taken to experience safe sex. 

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Mahnoor Nadeem is a student of Masters in Clinical and Health Psychology in Lithuania and a Trainee Psychologist at Willingness. She enjoys working with children and adolescents and also exploring topics such as health psychology, family therapy and sexual health. 


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