Aleksandra was one of many interns at Willingness. She shared her company experience during her time in Malta. She delves into all the knowledge, skills, and professional guidance that was received during her time at Willingness.

My Memorable 2-Month Summer Internship in Malta

Aleksandra - Summer Internship Journey at Willingness

This summer, I embarked on an unforgettable journey of professional growth and self-discovery during my enriching 2-month internship at Willingness Team on the picturesque island of Malta.

My internship began with a role at the Willingness Hub, where I engaged in client management and upkeep. This opportunity provided me with hands-on experience dealing with clients and understanding their needs. These skills proved to be vital as I navigated through the various aspects of my internship.

One of the most rewarding aspects was my role as a teaching assistant at Camp Willingness, assisting in child behaviour assessment and camper engagement. The experience was not only gratifying but also expanded my understanding of nurturing young minds. Similarly, my involvement in supervised visitation for parents with their children underscored the significance of empathy and patience in challenging situations.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects. My involvement in data analysis for intake meetings enhanced my analytical skills and provided a comprehensive view of client variety. Another standout project was working on a goal alignment questionnaire for interns, a testament to the company’s commitment to professional growth.

Taking a leap into the clinical aspect of my internship, I worked on developing the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs). The experience was enriching in preparing me for real-world scenarios in my future career.

A central highlight was the clinical audit focused on company culture. This project offered a unique lens into the inner workings of the Willingness Team. Investigating aspects of the culture allowed me to critically evaluate its strengths and areas for improvement.

The guidance and mentorship provided by the management were an essential resource of support. I appreciated the times when the managing partners, Matthew and Danica, stepped in with valuable guidance. Their constructive feedback helped me refine my approach and enhance my skill set. Their willingness to engage in discussions provided a holistic understanding of the work and its dynamics. This exchange of ideas contributed significantly to my growth as an intern.

Additionally, their mentorship extended beyond the workplace. They were receptive to my concerns and offered a listening ear. This support system was a constant reminder that they were invested in our success, fostering a positive environment that encouraged open communication and collaboration. Through their guidance, I developed resilience and learned to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances.

The consistent support of the full-time staff was another reason for my successful summer internship. Whether clarifying project details or offering advice on navigating challenges, their assistance was extremely helpful. Moreover, engaging in team-building activities fostered connections and camaraderie among interns and employees, enhancing the overall experience.

Apart from hands-on experiences, I had the privilege of attending workshops led by seasoned professionals of Willingness in my fields of interest.

These interactions were enlightening, providing me with insights and perspectives that are not found in textbooks.

As I reflect on my 2-month summer internship in Malta, I am filled with gratitude for the myriad of experiences that have moulded me. I am leaving Malta not only with newfound confidence but also a clearer vision of my career path and aspirations. This summer has been transformative, propelling me forward with a stronger foundation for success.

Written by Aleksandra Milić – intern at Willingness, Undergraduate psychology student and first-year TA student from Serbia