Mirella was one of many interns at Willingness. She shared her company experience during her time in Malta. She delves into all the knowledge, skills, and professional guidance that was received during her time at Willingness.

My Summer Internship Journey in Malta

Mirella - Summer Internship Journey at Willingness

Hello there! I hope you are well 🙂 My name is Mirella, and I’m currently a fourth-year Health Psychology student studying in Poland. I will tell you, in short, what it looks like to be an intern at Willingness!

While searching for my very first internship opportunity, I came across a Facebook post by Willingness. The attractiveness of an international internship picked my curiosity, and I decided to try. The prospect of engaging in tasks and the chance to broaden my horizons were too tempting to resist. The internship always pushed me beyond my comfort zone in various ways.

Experiencing life on my own, away from my family home, was one such aspect. It led me to take responsibility for my decisions, improved my self-awareness, and allowed me to acknowledge and cope with demanding situations in both the personal and professional spheres. These adjustments also helped me to become more assertive and skilled at setting boundaries in new situations and adapting to numerous unfamiliar scenarios.

For 4 weeks of my internship, I was working with children at the summer camp in Malta and Gozo, with kids including those with ADHD and autism.

This experience allowed me to understand how to effectively support and help them.

Despite encountering challenges, this period stands out as one of the highlights of my internship. Also, one of my best career experiences was Supervision Access Visits. I had to learn to adapt in stressful situations and to remember to always keep calm and be professional.

As interns, we also attended many workshops provided by Willingness, where professionals shared their expertise, which was particularly beneficial, and I’ve taken their wisdom to heart for my future work. Furthermore, we had biweekly Saturday supervision meetings where professionals presented their cases. This was another invaluable learning opportunity. In each meeting, every intern was encouraged to voice their thoughts, helping me remember to express everything on my mind.

During the remaining 4 weeks of my internship, I worked in the clinic. My daily routine involved a variety of tasks, allowing me to observe the inner workings of Willingness. Throughout the internship, we were assigned a lot of tasks while simultaneously working on a clinical audit, which we had to present on Team Day.

However, the most rewarding aspect of this experience was the connections I formed with fellow interns from across Europe. Meeting international students enriched my understanding of diverse cultures and expanded my horizons as a future psychologist. This immersive cultural experience was a fantastic opportunity to learn and understand how to work in an international team.

My time in Malta left me with important and life-changing lessons. Navigating through challenges, I learned the significance of seeking alternative ways for learning and growth. I understood the power of adaptability in unfamiliar settings. Every experience in Malta, even the hard times, greatly enriched my understanding of psychology and my role within it.

Written by Mirella Wojciechowska – psychology intern at Willingness,