Willingness | The struggles of fatherhood - Part 2 of 2

The struggles of fatherhood – Part 2 of 2

This second part of the blog shall continue delving into some of the experiences of fatherhood that might be challenging. I would like to note that such experiences are subjective and do not reflect what all fathers go through. However,

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Willingness | The struggles of fatherhood - Part 1 of 2

The struggles of fatherhood – Part 1 of 2

Finding out that you’re going to become a father can bring up many different thoughts and emotions. Even though most books, media programmes and seminars about parenthood generally tend to focus on the mother, fathers too may struggle and experience

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Willingness | I am a single father

I am a single father

If you have been a single father for a while or whether it’s a recent transition, researchers have identified the following struggles which single fathers may experience:

  • Overwhelmed, stressed and arguments with partners
  • Isolation, loneliness and dating
  • Lifestyle choices


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Willingness | To my deceased mother...

To my deceased mother…

Mother’s day can bring a long with it a myriad feelings and it is a very subjective experience. This is because it mostly depends on the relationship you have with your mother or any maternal figure that you have. Unfortunately,

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Willingness | I regret having kids!

I regret having kids!

Sometimes life can be thought to be overwhelming due to: work, relationships, routine, stress, and in general trying to make ends meet. Top all of this off with – trying to be the best role model for one’s kid/s, helping

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Willingness | Not all mums worry.

Not all mums worry.

From my experience with colleagues and interactions with mothers, I can only begin to imagine the whirlwind of experiences which mothers experience throughout motherhood. From the realisation that one will become a mother, all the different feelings begin to emerge

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Willingness | My friend is a ‘super mum’

My friend is a ‘super mum’

My friend is a super mum. She juggles family, home and work commitments. She is a taxi driver for her kids and ferries them around for drama, sports, piano lessons and play dates. This ‘super mum’ cleans, cooks and tries

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Willingness | Sometimes I regret adopting my kid - Part 2 of 2

Sometimes I regret adopting my kid – Part 2 of 2

In the first part of this blog I discussed two struggles that adoptive parents could experience as a result of the stressors experienced throughout the process of adoption. I explored the subject of post-adoption depression, as well as difficulties with

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