Willingness | My friend is a ‘super mum’

My friend is a ‘super mum’

My friend is a super mum. She juggles family, home and work commitments. She is a taxi driver for her kids and ferries them around for drama, sports, piano lessons and play dates. This ‘super mum’ cleans, cooks and tries

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Willingness | Sometimes I regret adopting my kid - Part 2 of 2

Sometimes I regret adopting my kid – Part 2 of 2

In the first part of this blog I discussed two struggles that adoptive parents could experience as a result of the stressors experienced throughout the process of adoption. I explored the subject of post-adoption depression, as well as difficulties with

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Willingness | I am a good enough mother

I am a good enough mother

Being a parent is one of the hardest roles you will ever have in your life. Parenthood brings along several happy and exciting moments in the family life. However, being a parent is also very challenging which can make a

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Willingness | My mum drinks too much

My mum drinks too much

No matter how old you are, it is extremely painful to deal with a parent who has an alcohol problem.  Instinctively, you may want to help them because you worry about their physical and mental well-being and fear they may

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Willingness | What is Systemic Family Therapy?

What is Systemic Family Therapy?

By profession, I am a family therapist trained in the Systemic approach to therapy. Sometimes, clients that I meet for the first time wonder and ask what family therapy is, and also what would typically happen in a family therapy

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Willingness | Why did I become a family therapist?

Why did I become a family therapist?

This blog tackles a different subject to the themes I usually go for when writing my blogs. This time, I wished to share with you my passions, my experiences and reflections around what has led me to this profession. Naturally,

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Willingness | Mummy mode il-ħin kollu

Mummy mode il-ħin kollu

Jiena u l-mara tiegħi ilna flimkien għal kważi seba’ snin. Qatt ma kelli fuq xiex ingerger, iżda minn mindu twieldet it-tifla sena ilu, qed ninnota li l-mara m’għadhiex tfittixni u bilkemm tagħtini attenzjoni. Smajt bosta nies jgħidu li koppja

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Willingness | It-tfal għandhom jgħinu d-dar?

It-tfal għandhom jgħinu d-dar?

Jiena raġel miżżewweġ u għandi żewġt itfal, it-tnejn subien, wieħed ta’ 12-il sena u wieħed ta’ 10 snin. Jien u l-mara ma nistgħux naqblu fuq jekk it-tfal għandhomx jgħinu bil-faċendi tad-dar. Jiena nemmen li importanti li jagħtu daqqa t’id inkella

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