In collaboration, EFPSA and the Willingness Team presented a Webinar on: ‘Happily Ever After. Only in fairytales?’, The two key speakers in the webinar were Matthew Bartolo, a counsellor specializing in sex and relationships, and Nicola Falzon, a partner, from Willingness Team. The speakers will be facilitating an online discussion about happiness in relationships. Mr. Bartolo stated that although he’s been in this profession for more than 10 years, he’s still very curious to know what the ingredients are for happiness in a relationship. Together with the followers and participants Ms. Falzon and Mr. Bartolo created a group discussion about the topic, where they got more definitions of what happiness in relationships feels like. Participants were allowed to ask questions during the broadcast or they had the opportunity to send questions beforehand to either EFPSA or Willingness Team.