A workshop on ‘The children everyone sets aside’ was held to reflect on misbehaviour in children and the effects of this. Understanding misbehaviour in children and young adults has been a matter of interest for various years, however this phenomenon remains quite elusive. By time, society saw the rising statistics of ADHD, ADD and other behavioural diagnosis, which may have helped in part for some, however failed to give an effective resolution to problems.

Furthermore, around the world there have been several practices which proved to be more effective in addressing unwanted behaviour. Thus, this workshop looked at the common features of practice in this area where it challenged the participants to reflect on current local practice and any shortcomings of our system. Furthermore, the participants also reflected on their professional culture and how it affects even the most well intended individual, hopefully to create an environment where participants move towards more effective work with children.

The main speaker in this workshop was Mr. Steve Libreri, a social worker who worked in various fields throughout his career. Mr. Libreri believes that the roles which he occupied along the years have allowed him to observe and learn the tacit reality of the experiences of children from varied backgrounds.

Willingness | The Children Everyone Sets Aside | Working with Misbehaviour in Children