As we saw in the previous blog, there are several ways in which one can help their teenage son/daughter in the career decision making process. Below we will find a few more tips on how one can further support.


  • Be open to alternative paths

There are various paths that your teen may wish to consider. First of all there are different employment sectors, many of which are new and fast growing. Furthermore, there are a myriad of opportunities for entering into different career paths, depending on one’s learning styles.


  • Encourage active citizenship and networking

Part-time work, participation in voluntary organisations and membership in youth groups are a few of the possible opportunities of enrichment. These will not only enrich one’s personal experiences, but also enhance one’s career portfolio/curriculum vitae. It is very important to keep records and/or references of such participation, whenever possible.


  • Seek professional advice, when necessary

Although as parents you mean the best for your son/daughter, sometimes professional help is essential. First of all, professionals provide impartial and objective advice.  Secondly, they are well-informed and updated about the different routes available.  Furthermore, sessions with a Career Guidance Practitioner stimulate career thinking and discussion.


  • Be ready to let go

Until now, most educational decisions for your son/daughter have either been made by the educational system or by yourself as the parent. It is now the time to start encouraging them to be more independent. This is a skill which will not only help in the decision-making taking place now, but also in the years to come.


In whatever way you deem best to help your son/daughter in this important phase in their life, make sure that you are always there, in the background, to support when necessary.



Ann Julene Hili is a Career Guidance Practitioner with Willingness. She specializes in working with teens and young adults who are in their educational and career transitions. She can be contacted on