A lot of couples nowadays are faced with the potential of a long distance relationship, whether it’s due to work or study, and long distance relationships can be tricky to navigate. In order to maintain a healthy long distance relationship, here are a few do’s and don’t that might help you.


Do’s of long distance relationships:


  1. Do something out of the ordinary and surprise your partner to show them that you are thinking of them, it doesn’t have to be expensive, a simple card posted to their house will do.
  2. Have more certainty in your relationship, it is important in long distance relationships to discuss and plan the future together. When couples can work as a team, then distance between them will feel easier. Talking about the future together will help a couple feel grounded and secure.
  3. Use all forms of communication you have available. We are no longer limited to sending a letter by post and talking on the phone, nowadays we have many forms of communication such as Skype, instant messaging, and well as social media to share photos and videos. This way the distance will seem shorter. This strategy will also help keep the other partner up to date on daily activities.
  4. Try and share a hobby together, it could be as simple as watching the same series, this way you will have something to share every week, as well as something fun to keep your minds off the distance.


We will continue in the next blog.



Dana Scicluna Azar is a relationship and sex advisor at willingness. She offers therapy to both individuals and couples. She can be contacted on dana@willingness.com.mt.