We have heard various opinions about the impact of technology use on development and overall interactions, among children and adults alike. More often than not we hear simplistic and negative views, it is rarely the case that something is completely negative. This article seeks to look at the positive aspects that media consumption brings with it. 

Language development

 On the other hand, moderate use of media can be helpful in some ways – for example, in consolidating how a language is spoken (Benefits of internet and Social Media, n.d.). For example, most Maltese individuals have learnt to make use of the Italian language by watching Italian channels – something that newer generations seem to have no access to since there has been a shift to more English channels. Another thing that contributed to this is the use of the internet. 

Connection opportunities

This was a prime example during the pandemic. Without technology, very little would have been made possible. Some people would not have been able to see their loved ones and children could not get in touch with their peers and teachers to complete what they could in terms of academic material. On another note, people struggling with loneliness, mental health issues etc can find the adequate support online, a sense of community often counters these effects. 

Enlarged parts of the brain with certain games etc.

Some studies have found that people who consider themselves gamers often have larger than usual parts of their brains (MediLexicon International, n.d.). One part of this is the hippocampus, which is responsible for memory, another part is the prefrontal cortex which is the region associated with problem solving. Moreover, often, gamers tend to build communities and make friends therefore giving a further sense of belonging to the individual and enhancing teamwork.

Education opportunities

Whether it is formal learning by following a course, learning a language or an instrument or reading about an interest, media can open doors to knowledge that may not be so readily available otherwise. 

Offering an outlet

Whether there is a real or a perceived audience, media can offer an outlet for creativity. Personal blogs, sites such as Tumblr etc can foster creative expression and help an individual in building a support network, a fan base and at a deeper level perhaps a business. 

While media consumption still has its negative aspects, like with everything else, moderation and awareness are key. As we saw above, there are a myriad of things that are beneficial when it comes to using media and certainly there are others. So how do we know if we are using the media responsibly? One important clue as to whether media is being used in a beneficial way is to learn what will enhance one’s learning and goals rather than pose a distraction!

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Jessica Saliba Thorne is a Gestalt psychotherapist. She has experience within the mental health field and sees adults with mental health difficulties, relationship issues and trauma at Willingness. 


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