Looking at another interesting theme, money , 10%, many dreamers specified what they would want to do with such money like ‘own a Ferrari’ or ‘have a house of my own’. One interesting dream stated that it seems that it is important for one person not ‘ to die poor’ whilst another would like to ‘win the lottery’. This theme is quite particular as some would see money as a means of earning money in order to obtain what they would like to own, whilst others hope that they get money from a little bit of luck.

Family and friends theme came about when around 8% dreamers mentioned that they would like ‘to be happy with their family and friends’ whilst another focused on the importance of ‘please my mum’. Pleasing a parent could not only mean that there is a certain bond and respect between the child and the parent, that the child feels the need to show a level of pleasing, but also there could be a feeling of not being enough for the parent or not reaching a certain standard which is demanded by the parent. This can create a sense of neglect, anxiety and tension within the child.

The last group of themes coming up on the next blog!


Therisa Gambin is a psychology graduate who worked in the HR sector for the past 4 years. She decided to change her career path and thus is at present an intern at Willingness and will continue to focus on psychology practices.