If it is the first time you are visiting a personal trainer you may have some questions related to what to wear, if it is only for fit people or when you should book an appointment, in this blog you will find all the answers.

Do I need a referral?  

Personal trainers are qualified professionals that will boost your motivation to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Personal trainers are a private service and you don’t need a referral to book an appointment. 

Should I visit a personal trainer if I have never trained before? Are personal trainers only for people who are fit?  

Personal trainers will be really helpful if you are not fit or you have never trained before. It is probable that you might not know where to start, what exercises to do, or that you are giving up because have tried to exercise but you are not achieving your goals. Personal trainers will help you in all this and will make sure that you set realistic goals and you maintain your motivation. 

How much time will a session last?

Normally a session lasts between 45 – 60 minutes. It depends on the personal training and your availability. Sometimes you can decide with the personal trainer before you start the process. You will also decide with the professional how often you want to meet as it can be more than once a week.  

Why should I hire a personal trainer?  

First of all, the personal trainer will help you set realistic goals and will guide you on how to achieve them. They might also create a personalized program based on your characteristics and  your availability. They will help you to follow your program and will make sure that you stay motivated  to achieve your goals. Personal trainers will also teach you about new exercises, how to do them correctly and different techniques according to your characteristics. 

Should I wear any particular clothes?  

It is highly recommended to wear comfortable clothing like sports clothing. The reason why it is  recommended is that during the session you are going to practice sport. Normally it will be held in a gym setting so appropriate clothing would be the same that you would wear to a gym session.  Comfortable sports T-shirt, gym pants, a hoodie if it is cold, sports bra if needed, shorts or yoga leggings… 

What to take with you

Remember to always bring water with you to maintain yourself hydrated during the session. Also, it is important to bring with you a towel and clean wear for when you finish. A towel is required in  some gyms in order to protect the gym machines from the sweat of the clients. It is advisable to  bring clean clothes so that when you finish the session you can change.  Finally, wearing appropriate footwear is a must. Wearing inappropriate footwear can result in  injuries. 

If you are considering the possibility of hiring a personal trainer or you already decided to do it, it is important for you to remember that it is all about teamwork between the personal trainer and you. To set your goals you will need to follow their instructions and give your all.  

If you would like to book a session with a personal trainer, you can reach out here.

Celia is an intern and volunteer at Willingness. She is currently reading for a Master’s in Neuropsychology in Spain