The benefits of exercise are too numerous to count, exercise not only improves your quality of life, and overall health and well-being but acts as a therapeutic approach to increase your resistance to illness and improve your recovery period (Bielecki & Tadi, 2021). Regular exercise offers simultaneous benefits for preventing and improving several cardiac diseases, as well as, an additional 2 to 7 years of life longevity (Kasiakogias, & Sharma, 2020). Notwithstanding its benefits, sometimes it can prove challenging to maintain a regular exercise routine. That is why exercising with your friend can be more rewarding in the long run. Here are five good reasons to start exercising with a friend.

1. It’s Fun and Enjoyable

Having your friend working out with you, will surely kill the boredom while increasing your motivation, especially during intense workouts. This will also be an opportunity to catch-up with your friend, making workouts pass by faster and at the same time strengthening your endurance. Exercising in two will offer a greater choice on the type of exercise or sport you can engage in, such as squash, badminton or tennis.

2. Building up New Friendships

Exercising with an acquaintance or someone new gives you an opportunity to start new friendships. Joining up exercising classes, like trekking groups, yoga or Zumba classes can provide ground to find people with common interests, which can be a good ice-breaker to build new friendships as you work out.  Finding a common interest to start your exercise routine may secure long lasting friendships based on shared values.

3. Staying Committed

Booking your workout meet-ups or exercise classes beforehand will make it easier to keep up with your commitment. This can be a great motivator to gradually adopt an exercise routine according to your lifestyle.  Once it becomes part of your routine, it will be easier to stick to your commitment. Having a workout partner will also ensure constant support and mood lifting on tiring days.

4. Closer toward Achieving your Goal

By having an exercise partner, it will keep you more motivated towards achieving your ultimate goal. Studies show that persons who have an exercise buddy are more likely keep a healthy routine while losing weight. Seeing a body transformation both in yourself and your friend will lead to greater determination and goal satisfaction. (Constandt, Thibaut, De Bosscher, Scheerder, Ricour, & Willem, 2020).

5. Being a Source of Encouragement

Exercising with a friend having a similar fitness level as yours, will more likely boost your motivation and stamina. A friend can support you to undergo strenuous exercise in a safely manner, such as weightlifting, running and pair workouts. Moreover, a friend will be able to challenge you to reach new fitness goals, which you might not have dreamt of achieving before.  In times when you are ready to give up, your friend can empower you to just keep going.

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Marlene is a Trainee Gestalt Psychotherapist with Willingness. She has experience working in the mental health field, particularly with issues of anxiety, depression, loss, challenging relationships and major life transitions.


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