In the first in a series of workshops hosted by ‘We’re the new superheroes’ team, a workshop was held on ‘Empowering children to power the world’. The speaker during this workshop was Mr. Matthew Bartolo a counselor and founder of Willingness Malta.

During the 45-minute workshop attendees learned crucial techniques and tips on how to show children how to be their true extraordinary selves and teach them how to use their heart as an inner compass, treat themselves well, run their own race and connect with their dreams. This will help to build strong children who have high integrity, self-respect, strong leadership skills and a passion for life. Various topics were discussed during the workshop including: How to cultivate your child’s inner hero, show them their unlimited potential and teach them how to think like a hero; How to teach children that failure is a way to learn and grow; How to help children be comfortable in their own skin and celebrate their uniqueness and others. The workshop ended with a reading and signing of ‘We’re the new superheroes’ by the book’s author.

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