Although Julia Chetcuti simply described herself as ‘open-minded, spontaneous and kind’, we’d say that she is also one of the most jovial members of the Willingness Team. 

She joined Willingness around 4 years ago, taking on the role of a childminder in 2018. Her career did not stop there however- you should read on to learn all about Julia’s journey with Willingness and what she had to say…

Describe Willingness in 3 words

Julia:  Professional. Approachable. Change-makers.

What’s your role at Willingness? What does it consist of?

Julia: My roles include Childminders Manager and Family Clinic Manager. This involves managing our childminders and childminding services as well as the services and professionals which fall under our Family Clinic including Camp Willingness, Family Therapy, Child Psychology, ABA amongst others.

Why did you choose Willingness? 

Julia: My sister used to be a childminder at Willingness and would often times share how approachable the team is as well as how much she enjoyed being a childminder with the team.

What do you like the most about your job at Willingness? 

Julia: The most satisfying part of working at Willingness is hearing from the guardians of Camp Willingness students regarding the progress they are making when it comes to emotional regulation.

How long does it take you to get to Willingness?

Julia: It takes about 25 minutes.

What would you say to a colleague who’s thinking about joining the Willingness Team?

Julia: To expect the unexpected.

What have you learnt since joining Willingness?

Julia; I do not think this can be put into words. Besides growing professionally, Willingness has also helped with personal growth through learning from colleagues. The value of working within a team at Willingness is beneficial across multiple areas.

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