Willingness|Death anxiety and how to deal with it

Death anxiety and how to deal with it

It is very common for people to experience some anxiety around death. However, for  some people, thinking about death or dying can trigger heightened anxiety, also known  as death anxiety. People may also fear separation, dealing with a loss, or

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Willingness|How can anxiety impact my quality of life?

How can anxiety impact my quality of life?

Anxiety is a natural human response that can be manifested in the form of worrying thoughts, feelings of dread, and physical sensations such as increased heartbeat, tension, sweating, and increased sensitivity to our surroundings. From an evolutionary perspective, anxiety had

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Willingness|Myth Busting: Anxiety Disorders

Myth Busting: Anxiety Disorders

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point but not everyone has an anxiety disorder. It is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health disorders, especially amongst younger population, but there are a lot of myths about what it means. This

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Willingness|I am feeling overwhelmed

I am feeling overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is more common than you might think. There can be many different triggers; it may be an upcoming important exam, additional workload or relationship problems with friends, family or a partner.  Sometimes, though, nothing has changed but it

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Willingness|Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in Children

Childhood anxiety disorders are common and are experienced between 5 – 10 % of children (Thirwall, 2013). Anxiety disrupts many aspects of children’s development, the social aspect, the emotional side and the academic development. It also presents later life risks

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