Accepting that I Can’t Control Sh*t

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By definition, control is the influence of behaviours and/or events under one’s will. So when someone says that he or she is in control, it means that this person is restricting behaviours and/or events according to … Read more

What is Performance Psychology | Performer Perspective

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Performance psychology is a branch in the field of applied psychology that focuses on the various human performances, including sports, artistic practices, work performance, as well as everyday functioning (APA, 2014). Like any other area in … Read more

A summer without festivals

Reading Time: 2 minutes

For many of us the festivals are the highlight of the summer season, but this year we need to prepare for a little bit different summer time because all the biggest summer festivals are cancelled due … Read more

Rock Bottom

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Rock Bottom, this is what I’m calling my new writing venture. Writing some Life stories of my own from a Rock Bottom perspective. Whilst most writers prefer to tell their stories from a successful position in … Read more

Your Altar of Wellbeing

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There is little doubt that feeling comfortable in our homes bring us immense benefits, in terms of our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Creating a small ‘altar’ space can enhance these benefits, by providing a place … Read more