Willingness|<strong>What‘s all this complaining about?</strong>

What‘s all this complaining about?

One of the most frequent things I hear in my office is something along the lines of ‘Well, that‘s not worth discussing because we can‘t do anything about it’. It‘s either that, or people feeling bad about themselves because ‘they‘re

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Willingness|<strong>Why do we need Emotional Intelligence?</strong>

Why do we need Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence is an ability that can be divided into the following main areas:

* Recognizing our own emotions, 

* Managing our emotions, 

* Recognizing the emotions of others and responding to other people’s emotions effectively.

In this blog, we

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Willingness|<strong>7 Active Listening Tips for Work Relationships</strong>

7 Active Listening Tips for Work Relationships

Active listening is the key to building strong workplace relationships. Listening may seem like a simple skill to you, but it is an extremely powerful tool that often can be misunderstood. Active listening is not just listening to another individual,

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Willingness|Dealing with the expenses of life 

Dealing with the expenses of life 

Recently, there has been this ongoing preoccupation with how expenses are on the rise while wages remain the same. This makes people wonder how they can cope and whether we are on the brim of poverty (Newbery, 2022). 

The first

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Willingness|The Psychology of Conflict

The Psychology of Conflict

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to thrive on conflict while others avoid it at all costs? What makes us react differently to situations that involve disagreement, tension, or opposition? How can we understand and manage our own

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Willingness|Choosing a therapist

Choosing a therapist

People seek psychotherapy for different reasons – because they have mental health concerns, because they need help managing or improving their overall functioning, because they’re having relationship problems, they’re going through transitions, have a history of trauma, or simply want

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Supportive psychotherapy

A client and I have been working together for a couple of months now. He’s been going through an acute stress reaction triggered by a distressing event in his life. By the time he sought my help, he had been

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