Willingness|<strong>Bringing Spirituality to the Therapy Room</strong>

Bringing Spirituality to the Therapy Room

Individuals bring many aspects of their life into the therapy room, and even though some areas may not be referred to directly, each of these areas interrelate with each other and have an impact on the individual and the lived

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Willingness|<strong>Learning involves more than just books</strong>

Learning involves more than just books

Learning is not one single process, but a complex one with many overlapping areas coordinating between themselves. It is based on being stimulated through the senses, by being engaged physically or by doing something, also emotionally, advanced thinking and imagination,

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Willingness|The Lifestyle Lense

The Lifestyle Lense

Most people facing mental health issues can benefit from the support of some form of therapy, and creating a safe space to discuss problems and work through issues with another trusted person can be vital. As well as knowing when

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Willingness|<strong>Why Does Commitment Freak Me Out?</strong>

Why Does Commitment Freak Me Out?

The term ‘Scared of Commitment’ has somehow lost its meaning due to how much it is used in casual conversation. The truth is that some people experience intense feelings of anxiety and stress when faced with a situation they must

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Willingness|Prepping for Travelling Post Covid

Prepping for Travelling Post Covid

More than two and a half years have passed since the outbreak of COVID-19. Needless to say, in some way or another everyone was affected by this pandemic. Most countries have now returned to what was once normality or an

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Willingness|Dealing with the traffic jam stress

Dealing with the traffic jam stress

Being caught up in traffic has become an episode in everyday life. So today I choose to dedicate this blog to the stress which is often related to the traffic congestion. Together with stress, some might experience anger, frustration and

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Willingness|Object Constancy in Therapy

Object Constancy in Therapy

This client I’ve been working with for about a year now, decided to move to a new country two months ago. We continued working together and she recently came into the session with the realization that she doesn’t miss anyone

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Willingness|To Pros and Cons  of Being Your Own Boss

To Pros and Cons of Being Your Own Boss

It can be a thrilling experience to quit your regular job and work for yourself because it  opens up a new universe of limitless opportunities. It demands passion and patience  because it is a risky endeavour. Still, not everyone can

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