Willingness|How to accept the imperfections of life

How to accept the imperfections of life

The Japanese hold the concept of Kintsugi about the value of imperfection and acceptance. This concept today, is taken into consideration and also introduced in psychotherapy and counselling. In this blog, I will amalgamate this concept to help you readers,

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Willingness|10 Habits That Improve Wellbeing

10 Habits That Improve Wellbeing

We very often hear of the common bad habits that people have. On the other hand, we rarely hear about the good habits that one can have that can actually improve their overall wellbeing. 

Here are 10 habits that improve

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Willingness|Sleep paralysis: Why, What, How?

Sleep paralysis: Why, What, How?

Sleep is an important part of one’s life as it allows the individual to concentrate, process thoughts and memories and it also restores one’s energy (Pacheco, 2021). When thinking of sleep, importance is placed on the duration of sleep however

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Willingness|The Basics for Psychoeducation

The Basics for Psychoeducation

Put simply, psychoeducation is about educating others on their mental health illness. Thus, the main goal of psychoeducation is to help individuals be able to better understand their mental health conditions. It allows them to become accustomed to living with

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Willingness|Are you the real deal?

Are you the real deal?

Being ‘real’ is much more challenging than it sounds because being is more challenging than doing. Being authentic involves knowing what you stand for and being determined that no matter what happens, you will never compromise your core values and

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Willingness|An introduction to Gestalt therapy - part I

An introduction to Gestalt therapy – part I


Gestalt psychology is a theory of perception according to which people tend to find meaning and wholeness in everything they perceive. The word gestalt itself comes from the German language and signifies a whole that represents more than a

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Willingness|L-Impatt tal-Politika fuq Saħħitna

L-Impatt tal-Politika fuq Saħħitna

Fi ftit żmien ieħor, il-poplu jinsab ippreparat biex jagħti l-opinjoni tiegħu u jivvota lil min jixtieq jirrapreżentah fil-Parlament Malti, għal ħames snin li ġejjin. Għalhekk kull individwu għandu dritt li jisma u jevalwa l-impatt li ħallew il-partiti fl-aħħar ħames snin

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Willingness|What is sleep paralysis?

What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a type of parasomnia (sleep disorder) that can be described as a “brain glitch” between sleeping and being awake. An episode of sleep paralysis may occur after falling asleep or waking up and is characterized by a

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