Willingness | Redefining Social Success

Redefining Social Success

In a world that often emphasises conformity and traditional notions of success, there is a growing need to redefine social success by embracing differences and individuality. The conventional metrics of success, such as wealth, status, and popularity, have long dominated … Read more

Willingness | <strong>Overwhelmed by Everyday Life</strong>

Overwhelmed by Everyday Life

Feeling overwhelmed by everyday life is a common experience for many people. Managing work, family, social obligations, and personal responsibilities can lead to stress and a sense of being stretched too thin. Here are some strategies to help you handle … Read more

Willingness | <strong>Kif Nista’ Nkun Aktar Kunfidenti Fija Nnifsi</strong>

Kif Nista’ Nkun Aktar Kunfidenti Fija Nnifsi

Hemm ċans tajjeb li persuna kunfidenti tkun temmen fl-abbiltajiet u fil-kwalitajiet tagħha. Li tkun kunfidenti fik innifsek tista’ tfisser li tkun temmen fil-kapaċità tiegħek li tikkontrolla ħajtek u tista’ tirreferi għal meta persuna tkun kunfidenti f’xi ħaġa speċifika aktar milli … Read more

Willingness | <strong>Social worker makes a difference</strong>

Social worker makes a difference

Oftentimes, one tends to associate the social work profession with child protection issues only. Many do not realize how many varying roles a social worker can have, and the different fields a social worker can provide support in. Social work … Read more

Willingness | 8 Reasons to Express Gratitude in the Work Place

8 Reasons to Express Gratitude in the Work Place

Gratitude strengthens empathy, cooperation, and communication when it is ingrained in a team’s culture and demonstrated by every member. Employee engagement and productivity are more possible when they feel valued. Therefore, managers have to try to express gratitude on a … Read more

Willingness | <strong>Time Frame in Psychotherapy</strong>

Time Frame in Psychotherapy

Often in supervision and intervision meetings with my colleagues, we touch upon the topics that appear and reappear within different client-therapist relationships. One of such topics is the matter of time frame, i.e., clients wondering what it is they/we should … Read more

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