The Mind-Gut Connection

Our body consists of many organs that have their unique purpose and function. But do we know if they are somehow connected? Perhaps you can recall a time when after feeling anxiety, you had nausea or a time when you

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7 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

  Communication is defined as the process of transferring information from one place, person or group to another. Unfortunately, with us humans, it isn’t always that simple and we often have misunderstandings. Apart from affecting our relationships with those around

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Coping with the Stress of Moving House

Moving house can bring with it a range of different emotions. Sure, you may feel excited and looking forward to the change that living in a new house will bring. However, moving can also result in feelings such as stress,

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5 ways to achieve your goal

A goal is something that you want to achieve in your life and it can be related to different areas e.g. career, health, friendships, relationships etc . Usually, when a person sets a goal this is because they want to

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5 ways how to take care of your mental health

Nowadays, there has been a substantial improvement in the way people view mental health. Most people are fighting to destigmatize mental illnesses and work on improving themselves. This is why it has become easier for people to talk about their

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Sexual Assault in Public – What do I do?

Most discos and nightclubs are still closed in Malta, however, restaurants and snack bars are open and people flock out into the real world to party again. Whether you are enjoying an evening there or at unofficial locations involving alcohol

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3 Tips for Behaviour Change as Adults

Behaviour plays a key role in overall well-being of individuals. Especially as adults, it is so important to choose behaviours wisely. For example, smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise; are some of the unhelpful behaviours that many people practice. Altering

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