Willingness | How to Beat the Heat and Boost Your Mood

How to Beat the Heat and Boost Your Mood

Summer’s scorching temperatures can sometimes take a toll on our mood and energy levels. However, with a few simple strategies, you can stay cool and uplifted even during the hottest days. Here are some effective ways to beat the heat … Read more

Willingness | Top Health Checks You Shouldn't Skip

Top Health Checks You Shouldn’t Skip

As it is often said, prevention is better than cure. That is why regular health check-ups are important for maintaining your overall wellbeing and immediately being aware if something is wrong. Ensuring that you have these tests done will also … Read more

Willingness | <strong>7 Tips for a Resilient and Healthy Mind</strong>

7 Tips for a Resilient and Healthy Mind

In today’s fast-paced world, safeguarding mental well-being is crucial for holistic health. Just as we carefully monitor our physical health, it is equally vital to adopt a health-oriented perspective for assessing and nurturing our mental well-being. In light of this, … Read more

Willingness | <strong>Qed Inħoss Vojt Kbir fir-Relazzjoni </strong>

Qed Inħoss Vojt Kbir fir-Relazzjoni 

Jista’ jkun hemm diversi raġunijiet għalfejn wieħed iħoss il-vojt f’relazzjoni. Ħafna drabi, dan il-vojt jista’ jimmanifesta ruħu bħala solitudni, konfużjoni rigward il-ħajja, dwejjaq, jew inkella nuqqas ta’ motivazzjoni. Xi drabi, jaf ikun hemm taħlita ta’ raġunijiet. Jista’ jagħti l-kaz … Read more

Willingness | <strong>What is the actual cost of multi-tasking?</strong>

What is the actual cost of multi-tasking?

Are you more of a “one thing at a time” or an “all at once” person? In today’s world, being able to tackle different things at once is often required. We even mention multi-tasking in our CV as one of … Read more

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