For many of us the festivals are the highlight of the summer season, but this year we need to prepare for a little bit different summer time because all the biggest summer festivals are cancelled due to COVID-19.   Even though missing festivals can be a big disappointment, finding some positive sides of this exceptional summer time is possible as well.

Festivals can be quite a big piece of your summer budget but this year it is possible to spend a more budget friendly summer.  Malta is full of opportunities to enjoy the summer with a budget friendly attitude. Keep also in mind that even though there are no festivals during the summer, it might be that we are living a different time in the autumn. Saving up for some nice fall events might be a good idea.

There is more time to do some stuff that might have been in your mind for a long time but previously you did not have time for due to busy summer schedule. Maybe you can organise a garden party for a few friends or a tiny festival of your own with some good music and summer vibes? Sometimes we fill in our calendars with all the summer events but this year it is also possible to spend a more relaxed and easy-going summer with lots of relaxation and chilling without having the fear of missing out.

Going through your previous festival memories is fun and now you have time to go through all the fun moments you´ve had I previous festivals. Even though this might bring up some bittersweet feelings, keep in mind that this is just one summer without festivals and most likely there are going to be many summers after this that are filled with festivals!  After one year of missing the festivals we will appreciate them even more and next time you are attending festivals it will feel even better!

Vilhelmiina Välimäki is a Clinical Psychologist at Willingness Clinic. She works both with children and adults. You can contact her on or on 79291817