“Technoference” and romantic relationships

For the majority of us, technology has become an all-too-present element in our daily lives. Our smartphones’ beeps or our computers’ notification sounds are familiar interruptions that occur so many times during the day and immediately catch our attention, even

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Am I “Good-Enough” In Bed?

This is a question that most people have thought of at some point in their lives but how can anyone know the answer? Is it up to the partner to decide or you? Are there standards of “good” sexual performance?

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Work Performance

3 Ways to Improve Work Performance

Work is an essential part of our lives. Most people spend many hours a day at their workplace and wish to perform well, no matter what kind of job they are doing. 

Being successful at work requires:

  • focus
  • commitment
  • dedication
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Burnout Among Medical Professionals

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that doctors and nurses don’t get sick like their patients? Well, you would not be the only one with the assumption that physicians and nurses should know about health risks and therefore get less

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