Willingness|<strong>Bringing Spirituality to the Therapy Room</strong>

Bringing Spirituality to the Therapy Room

Individuals bring many aspects of their life into the therapy room, and even though some areas may not be referred to directly, each of these areas interrelate with each other and have an impact on the individual and the lived

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Willingness|<strong>How to deepen your relationships </strong>

How to deepen your relationships 

You may find yourself feeling like you need to make new friends. You may already have friends  that you have lost touch with or you feel like your friendship could be more meaningful. You may want to foster more trust

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Willingness|What is Play?

What is Play?

What is Play?

Play is an activity that is chosen by the child and is also directed by the child. There is an intrinsic motivation to engage in this activity and it is also guided by mental rules whilst being

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Willingness|I never have enough time

I never have enough time

My encounters with clients and their topics, as well as my struggle with the feeling of never having enough time and the stress that comes with that, led me to a podcast that talked about the way we tend to

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Willingness|<strong>Learning involves more than just books</strong>

Learning involves more than just books

Learning is not one single process, but a complex one with many overlapping areas coordinating between themselves. It is based on being stimulated through the senses, by being engaged physically or by doing something, also emotionally, advanced thinking and imagination,

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Willingness|Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

Humans are by nature a highly sexual species. To deny our sexuality is to deny our humanity. Only by embracing our sexuality in its full expanse can we come to terms with what it means to be human. 

Sex addiction

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