One way of setting your mind at ease about your HIV status is by doing a self-test. The BioSURE HIV Self Test kit allows you to take the test in the comfort of your own home. The test takes 15 minutes to administer and is 99.7% accurate. The BioSURE is a CE Marked Self Test meaning that it complies with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

How do I use the kit?

  1. Open the package and the box
  2. Open the foil packet inside
  3. Inside the foil packet you will find the testing devide, a safety lancet and a plaster
  4. Remove the buffer pot from the end of the device and place it in the hole found in the box
  5. Remove the cap from the safety lancet
  6. Place the red part of the lancet on any finger and push down until you hear a click
  7. If needed you can squeeze your finger to make the drop of blood bigger
  8. Touch the tip of your test device on the drop of blood
  9. Firmly push the tip of the device through the foil on the top of the buffer pot that you placed in the box earlier
  10. Make sure it reaches the bottom of the buffer pot to start the test
  11. Set a timer for 15 minutes
  12. After 3 minutes check to make sure the colour is moving upwards on the testing devide, if not you need to make sure the device is touching the bottom
  13. Open the result booklet which explains how to read the result
  14. Place the finished test in the cut out space in the book
  15. Compare the test to the images on each page
  16. Make sure the top line is visible as that shows the test has been done correctly
  17. If this is the only line visible, then the test is NEGATIVE
  18. If you have 2 lines, even if the bottom line is faded, then the test is POSITIVE

Here you can also find a video explaining how to use the kit.

What is the appropriate testing window for this kit?

The most ideal testing time would be 3 months after the potential exposure. This is because antibodies for HIV, which are developed after exposure appear 4 weeks after exposure in 50% of cases, after 6 weeks in 95% of cases; some people don’t develop antibodies until 12 weeks after exposure. This is therefore why it is best to rely on a negative test only if taken after 3 months/12 weeks.

What happens if the test results that you are positive?

If you were to receive a positive result you can seek the guidance of a Genito Urinary Specialist or an HIV Clinic to assist you with the way forward.

How do I purchase this kit?

  • You can message 79291817 asking for the HIV Self Test Kit
  • You will receive confirmation of your purchase and payment details
  • Once payment is secured you will receive a message with the instructions, including google maps link to the pick up point, code for the collection box and code for your package which is discretely packed.
  • This system is 100% no contact

Alternatively you can choose to book a 30 minute appointment to do the self-test together with a professional, you can do so by calling 79291817 or sending an e-mail on

A third option is to opt to receive the kit by post and you can do so by calling 79291817 or sending an e-mail on

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