Sexual difficulties can begin early in a person’s life or might develop all of a sudden, even after the person has had enjoyable sexual relations in the past. The causes of sexual difficulties can be physical, psychological or even both.

  1. Emotional factors affecting sex include interpersonal and intrapersonal problems such as marital or relationship problems, lack of trust or lack of open communication between partners. Depression, anxiety, sexual fears and present or past sexual trauma can also contribute to sexual difficulties.
  1. Physical factors which contribute to sexual problems include: the use of drugs (naroctics, alcohol, stimulants, psychotherapeutic drugs, as well as some medications such as ones that reduce blood pressure), problems with blood supply, nerve damage, hormonal imbalance (low testosterone, estrogen or androgens), diseases such as diabetes and neurological disorders. Physical factors can also include injuries sustained to the body, an enlarged prostate, endocrine disorders (thyroid problems) and certain birth defects.

For this reason, when you are faced with a sexual disorder, it is important to find whether the root cause is physical or emotional or sometimes both, so you can get the best help.


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