I have thought several times about the trail of actions that have brought me to participate in this internship. I sometimes lack self-confidence, but what I do not lack is the will to give opportunities that arise a chance (especially working in a place called Willingness!). Happily, I got accepted, and so far it has been one of the most meaningful experiences in my life, especially on a professional level.

From day one, I felt very welcomed and in spite of being a recently graduated student, treated as an equal, as a professional with pertinent ideas and suggestions and potential to put all the knowledge to practice. I especially appreciated that I was given the opportunity to grow and get out of my comfort zone, face my anxieties, but always with the right support.

The Willingness team is so young, full of energy and innovative ideas, exceptionally skilled but most of all, with a vision that I resonate with – giving back to the community. I learned many things, such as ways to approach a client, how to ask the right questions. I had the privilege of planning and conducting a social experiment, explore new ideas, support individuals in a safety tent called Chat Bar at two important festivals and most of all, what important teamwork and sharing thoughts and ideas is in order to keep fresh and be on edge as a professional in counselling and psychotherapy.  So I took this precious experience back home and shared it with everyone interested and now I am fully motivated to put it to good practice. Also, I advise everyone to apply further internship calls because it might just be the boost they need to start as professional, or the practical knowledge they feel they lack (as I did).