Willingness | 3 Relationship Killers

3 Relationship Killers

Relationships are part of our lives. Indeed, we are social beings and part of our fulfillment in life revolves around building meaningful relationships. Although we often hold on to relationships that are supportive, we can all experience moments where we

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Willingness | Din mhix it-terapista li qed nfittex

Din mhix it-terapista li qed nfittex

Biex issib terapista li tgħinek tħossok aħjar mhux daqshekk faċli. Infatti, hemm ċans kbir li l-proċess biex dan isir jeħodlok ħafna mill-ħin tiegħek. Però, fl-aħħar mill-aħħar, meta dan il-proċess isir tajjeb, m’għandux jiddispjaċik. Jekk tinnota, hemm ċertu kwalitajiet li kull

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Willingness | Is it the right time to apologise?

Is it the right time to apologise?

‘I am sorry.’ – Three words that are not always easy to say. The right timing plays an important role when apologising for something wrong you have done. 

Before we speak about timing though, let’s quickly check whether it is

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