I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, the traffic light approach. I was discussing then the importance of transition time; which I can briefly define as the time we offer for the child to adjust from one state of mind to the next. This is clearly useful for when bed time is coming, or when children transition from break time to class time. However, this can be useful also for that moment where you as a parent are losing your patience.

To fully comprehend this idea one must visualise a traffic light. Imagine traffic lights without the amber light. Red would switch to green as quickly as green would turn to red. You are driving at 40km/hr, fast approaching a green light when all of a sudden it switches to red. This is when you realise the value of the amber light. It gives you a heads up. It helps you to time to prepare.

Steve Libreri is a social worker and parent coach within Willingness. He offers parent coaching and social work sessions. He can be contacted on steve@willingness.com.mt.