Nowadays we are faced with various challenges upon entering the workforce. Some of which may be; whether we are good enough for the role, whether the job is going to pay for all the commitments we have ongoing and so on and so forth… the list is endless.

However one of the things that perturbs us consistently is the relationship with our colleagues. We all know that this is the fulcrum or rather the pivot upon which we succeed or fail. Why? Because even though we try to say that this does not affect our working attitude, unfortunately our dealings with others is at the forefront of our life and therefore it does.

So, let us get to the crux of the matter regarding what to do when we are faced with these situations.

The Difficult Colleague

First of all there are various types of personalities, so first there are those colleagues that are difficult to get through to. They ignore you, they complicate matters or a simple issue may even end up being misinterpreted and made even more difficult to resolve. There is not much you can do to get through to this person.

The Bully

The colleague who thinks they know it all… oh, by the way he has been there longer than you have and he is condescending over whatever you say! Practically he makes you feel miserable. You have no right to voice your opinion.

The Nagger

Ahh… the joys of life… which are non-existent within him… his spirit is dull and poor soul he can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. When you discuss an issue at work with such a person, the glass is always half empty…

Tips on Coping with these Colleagues

Right, so when we are faced with such situations, what do we do? One has to understand that human beings are complex, we all come with baggage wherever we go. Hence, various issues become part of us and unfortunately it is very difficult to stay objective at work when one is inundated with such personal issues.

  • So primarily, do not send emails in an abrupt manner. Do not answer them when you have been triggered. (You never know the frame of mind the other person is in when reading it)
  • Try not to be emotional at work and rationalize the issues you have in front of you. Be objective and act with your mind rather than your heart.
  • When discussing issues with such personalities try to be very objective and straight to the mark.
  • Before going to work, practice some breathing exercises and take time for yourself so that you may assess your decisions in a clearer way.
  • Be prepared mindfully so when approached you are already half way there.
  • Take time out as much as possible and have a great day.

Alexandra Genovese is a Life-Coach with Willingness, working with
work related issues and relationships using a holistic approach and specialising in goal orientation towards work –life balance.

Perfect Happiness Handbook ;10 tips for dealing with difficult people at work by Susan Heathfield