Guidance is multifaceted and in the next blogs we will have a look at the main aspects of this role.  A primary element of career guidance is the provision of information. Although this is taken for granted, it is essential in the decision making process. Making an informed decision is vital in all choices we make, and thus most especially in career-related ones, which greatly affect our life. Many people, unfortunately, undermine the role of the professional in this and assume that simply asking a family member, friend or acquaintance will be enough to make the right choice. However, when misinformed about processes and requirements, many make decisions which are not apt for them. Furthermore, information giving should be objective and solely providing facts, but as we all know, those who surround us provide very subjective opinions. Support from family and loved ones is essential in any decision making process, however, this should be accompanied by professional provision of information.

Ann Julene Hili is a Career Guidance Practitioner with Willingness. She specializes in working with teens and young adults who are in their educational and career transitions. She can be contacted on You can also visit her profile on