Many people reading this blog do not know me, but the team at Willingness does. They know, among other things, that I am an outspoken and passionate person, who at times also needs support and guidance to focus on what I wish to achieve. They know that I love the environment, that I care deeply about each member of our society and that even when I make mistakes, I strive to regain focus and continue my journey.

For me, my journey at Willingness signifies growth. Since 2016, I have occupied various roles within the team, starting off with being a Childminder and moving on to being a Chat Bar Volunteer, a Chat Bar Manager, an Intake Officer and a Volunteer Manager. For me, growth is not simply growth through the changing of roles, but growth that happens internally. I was and am lucky to be surrounded by a team who supports this process. In Willingness I have found a supportive space to grow both in my professional career, and as a person. In fact, I have learnt that in our line of work, there can be no professional growth without personal growth, and this is what allows us to provide the best possible care to those who require our services.

Throughout my personal journey I have achieved important milestones and also suffered great losses. And it was through such experiences I got to understand the significance of working within a team. I can confidently say that I view Willingness as a family, because it is just that. We do not simply work alongside one another. At Willingness, we push each other when we need to, we disagree at times, we study together, we laugh together, we travel together… and through it all we grow. Now, focusing on obtaining my Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy, I look forward to continue growing, knowing that I always have the support to reach my goals.

Being a multidisciplinary team does not simply mean having a team of diverse professionals working under the same roof. It means, learning together, learning from each other, supporting each other, growing individually and as a team, so that we can have the knowledge and strength to provide the best care to each and every person who seeks it. Throughout my five years at Willingness, I have constantly seen and experienced the positive impact this approach has had on myself, my colleagues, and our clients.

Michaela Pace is a Psychology graduate from the University of Malta. She has worked with children and adolescents within the social sector and currently works as a Triage Officer and Volunteer Manager within Willingness Team, while pursuing a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy.