So far I have given my take on what can significantly improve one’s ability to address challenging behaviour. Hopefully what I have to contribute today is useful. My next tip is,

Your Child is unique in so many different ways. Comparisons may not help.

Comparing your child to other children may sound like a great opportunity to show your child what he or she should look like. But think about it. When we do that, we are simply telling our children that we prefer the other child to them. I have a hunch that could cause more frustration and pain. Ultimately all children will react differently to life stresses, and it is important for parents to realise that their child is unique. You are much better off focusing on what makes your child an individual and to look at his or her story. Suggesting examples to your children, such as “your cousin seems to do better in school”, may help only if as a parent you are available to discuss options and strategies with your child to behave in different ways. As parents we must understand that how our children react to the world around them and in knowing so we are better equipped to help them to deal with life’s problems more adequately.