Hats. We wear so many of them every day. Each one represents a different role that we occupy in our life. As we float from one role to the next we move along a transition period which allows us to adjust. At work, one adopts more official manners and uses a markedly distinct thinking style, adequate for the job at hand. At home, we are more relaxed and what is required of us at home may not necessitate the same function of thinking. Albeit seeming a normal part of our life, many would explain that shifting from one scene to the next requires a slight adjustment. Some call it unwinding; a brief moment of quietness which allows one to organise the experience of the day and evoke a different part of the self to continue in the home scene.

You may be surprised, but this is equally so with children. And the transitions for young children are as frequent, if not more. Being appreciative of the importance of the transition phase gives care givers the opportunity to prevent some tantrums. What I am saying here is that we, the adults, have to create a routine which offers adequate transition time.


Steve Libreri is a social worker and parent coach within Willingness. He offers parent coaching and social work sessions. He can be contacted on steve@willingness.com.mt.