I feel very grateful for spending this summer at Willingness. I gained so many positive experiences and memories and I am particularly grateful to get to know all these wonderful people. It was an honour to be the part of Willingness team. Although living abroad is always challenging, surrounded by these awesome people every difficulty seemed to be easily solvable and at the end even fun. I was completely impressed by the openness and caring attitude towards each other within the team. It was an incredible experience to see how colleagues can support each other at work and build strong friendships and enjoy each other’s company even after work. I think these powerful relationship helps everyone push their limits, work very hard and give their best every day. For me working in such a progressive environment was very motivational.

In the beginning it was a huge struggle for me to write the blogs – especially because I am not used to writing in English, but by time and practice it became easier and easier, and by the end of the internship I even started to enjoy writing them. “Everything is hard before it is easy” – says Goethe, I hope that I’ve learnt the lesson now.

My favourite part of the internship was Chat Bar. I met amazing people, had very interesting conversations and I enjoyed the festival very much after finishing my shifts. At the workshops and trainings, I could learn new concepts and views which formed my way of thinking.

All in all, this internship helped me improve a lot not just on a professional level, but also personally. After this internship I feel more confident about my desired career path, what I will be looking for when I will search for a job at home, and what kind of working environment I would like to create for myself. I could also experience work-life balance, since we had to work hard at Willingness, but at the same time we always made sure to take time out to discover Malta. I tried to visit all the famous places of Malta and discover all the hidden treasures where locals go. I’m very grateful that I had the chance to get to know Maltese culture – from the driving style to pastizzi – and I must say that I loved it with all its downsides. I even got used to the unpredictable public transport, or at least I learnt how to let it go. Moreover, by now I am a proud owner of a breath-taking “sunsets in Malta” photo collection. For me the best excursions were the ones where we went together with the intern team, for example the day in Gozo or Mdina, and of course, I will never forget the Picnic – when we visited Dingli cliffs let’s say “accidentally”.

So finally, I would like to thank Willingness team, my fellow interns – my friends, and last but not least Erasmus for this perfect summer.

Fanni Vivien Adorján studies Clinical and Health Psychology in Budapest, Hungary and she is an intern at Willingness Hub.