Ivett was one of many interns at Willingness. She shared her company experience during her time in Malta. She delves into all the knowledge, skills, and professional guidance that was received during her time at Willingness.

My Summer Internship Journey

Ivett - Summer Internship Journey at Willingness

As I sit down to reflect on my two-month internship at Willingness, the array of experiences I’ve had comes flooding back, leaving me inspired and grateful for the incredible opportunity I was given. From the moment I stepped into the hub, I knew that this journey was going to be transformative, both personally and professionally.

One of the highlights of my internship was my involvement in Camp Willingness, a children’s camp dedicated to emotional regulation skills. The chance to work with these young minds was nothing short of remarkable. I can still remember the excitement and curiosity in their expressions as we did various activities aimed at helping them understand and manage their emotions. From creative art projects to engaging group discussions, each moment was an opportunity for growth and learning. Being able to prepare lesson plans based on the weekly themes added an extra layer of responsibility, and let me create activities that kept their attention and helped them become more emotionally aware.

Collaboration was a big part of my internship experience. Together with other interns, we had a chance to do and present a clinical audit for Willingness. The exchange of ideas, diverse perspectives, and shared enthusiasm for making a positive impact on Willingness was truly inspiring. Together, we were able to evaluate the public representation of Willingness and provide some insight into how people view the services they are offering.

We were fortunate to have workshops with various professionals who shared their experiences and expertise. These sessions provided valuable insights into different fields and allowed us to learn from their practical knowledge. Engaging with professionals from diverse backgrounds broadened our understanding and gave us a real-world perspective on the subjects we were studying. These workshops were a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice, enriching our learning journey.

What made my internship truly exceptional was the supportive environment at Willingness

The team’s dedication to creating a positive space was evident in every interaction. Whether it was guidance from experienced professionals, discussing ideas with fellow interns, or simply engaging in conversations with the clinic’s staff, I always felt valued and encouraged to explore my potential.

Now that I’m finishing up this part of my journey, I can’t help but feel thankful for all the things I’ve learned and experienced. Being at Willingness taught me how important it is to understand others, work well with a team, and help kids develop good emotional health. It made me even more passionate about psychology and helping people lead better lives. Looking back, I feel proud of what I’ve achieved. I’ve learned so much about how psychology works in real life and seen firsthand how things can change when you combine caring, knowledge and hard work. My time at Willingness hasn’t just shaped my career goals, it’s also left a big mark on my heart.

Written by Ivett Szarka – Psychology intern at Willingness