Where to begin? My experience within the Willingness Team has been quite an eventful one. It all started upon my venture at the University of Malta in 2016 reading for a Bachelor of Psychology.

Throughout my time at University I was part of two student organisations, Betapsi and later on KSU, which gave me the opportunity to work with the team from an external perspective. The events we worked on together gave me a greater insight into what matters to the team and how they function. It was satisfying to find out that the ‘external’ and ‘internal’ ongoings of the Willingness Team were invariable, with the team giving out a vibrant and welcoming approach.

Early last year, the Team published a call for volunteers, of which I immediately applied for. Being part of such a professional body was always a goal of mine. However, little did I know that I would flourish much further within the team, being assigned multiple roles alongside volunteering.

In fact one of the Willingness Teams’ greatest strengths (in my opinion, of course) is that efforts are made to assess the team’s skillsets and goals and then working to improve and introduce the such values to the team, making the individual feel greatly valued. My roles within the team include Supervisor, Childminder and Coordinator of the Bachelor of Psychological Therapies. Moreover, I have also been part of other projects which allowed me to enhance my knowledge and professional portfolio. It has been fruitful being part of both the Sex and Family Clinic through my different roles.

If you had to ask me what my favourite thing about being part of The Willingness Team is, it would definitely be the challenging conversations, workshops and trainings which we get the chance to attend. Firstly, the Team organises bi-weekly Team Meetings during which an agenda with diverse topics including Case Reviews are discussed. Moreover, we get the chance to attend trainings about a wide range of subjects. This is a time where I get to listen to so many professionals coming from different fields of work and walks of life. The feeling after leaving such trainings and workshops is indescribable, with so many thoughts racing through my mind and so many topics to widen my research. Finally, we also get to experience supervision sessions where professionals related to the core subjects of our daily work talk to us about how we can improve our abilities through discussing topics which are closely related.

Looking back to a year ago, I feel that I have grown abundantly with the help of the Willingness Team.