I recently read this quote and it made me reflect: Why is the Western world so obsessed with being skinny? Visiting a museum recently, I looked at female sculptures on exhibit and thought ‘When did the idea of female beauty change from curves to bones?’ Yes, there was Twiggy in the 60’s, but was her petite form enough to change the ideas of a whole generation?

Is being a size 0 important all over the world? No, it isn’t. In Ghana, for example, women aspire to be voluptuous and even purchase ‘appetite stimulants’ to develop large breasts, big behinds and thick legs. In their culture being thin is a sign of poverty and being curvy is attractive.

There have been fully-fletched campaigns about this subject, but where is the change we aspire for? For how long will we compete with airbrushed and photo-shopped images of young models and movie stars?

Food is at the heart of our social and cultural activities. Let’s celebrate it. Be healthy, eat great food, exercise.

And besides, have you ever tasted double chocolate cake, Kate Moss?


Anna Catania is a generic counsellor within Willingness.  She offers counselling sessions and runs the services for families going through cancer and chronic illness. She can be contacted on anna@willingnss.com.mt.