My dear parents, I am sure that welcome the return of school after summer. Our children are now settled in schools and we as parents can have a little more time to concentrate on other things. That, of course, is until they return home and do their homework. I remember when I was a child, how I hated doing homework. I get the sense that many children share the same dislike. I never quite appreciated how hard it was for my parents to help me out with my work, until I had to help out children to do their homework.

Children seem so powerful at that time. They have a unique power to say no. If they simply decide not to write, or draw, or do math, how can we finish this homework? The crudest answer I have learnt is that in reality there is no WE in this. The homework is their responsibility. As a parent you are there to support your child, not just to finish his homework, but also to learn that in life there is work to do before play or leisure. Homework and school are marvellous at teaching this important reality in life that you must work to achieve. What I want you to understand is that this is normal. Return to your childhood and try to remember how miserable homework felt. It is expected for children to be bored by that time and that they would be craving to get to play. Yet, you must also remember that although you may feel otherwise, the control is still within your hands. You are the head of the orchestra in the parent-child relationship; it is just about finding the right way to interact with your child.