The postnatal period is associated with a lot of physiological, psychological and social changes, which could influence a woman’s relationship and sexual health. Many adjustments are required to fit in the extra family member and there is an increased demand on the mother’s time and body. The main female sexual issues can be categorized as sexual desire dysfunctions, sexual arousal disorders, sexual pain  disorders and female orgasmic disorders. A lot of women find that their sex drive decreases after their baby is born. There are several possible causes such as fatigue, focus on the baby, less time, suppressed testosterone, the changes in body image (such as the appearance of caesarian scars) and postnatal blues or depression. Most often after childbirth, women experience a change in mood and experience what is known as post natal blues or baby blues. Although postnatal blues dissipate usually after a couple of weeks, in some women these sad feeling persist longer and can turn into postnatal depression. In fact, around 10-20% of women are affected by postnatal depression, whereby the negative moods are more heightened. Negative mood changes are clearly an important cause of low sexual interest in the post-partum period. Treatment for these women often involves medication, which unfortunately in turn might lower their libido level.