What I am saying is that summer offers an excellent way to learn these lessons through the normal exchanges which occur through play. Unfortunately, when the parent enforces school work during summer, the opportunity of playing outside with friends, cousins or siblings is significantly reduced, if not taken away altogether. Some reading is not bad. However no one ever said that reading should be of the school material. Leisurely reading could be equally beneficial as it exposes the child to new vocabulary and other styles of writing. It connects well with the imagination of the brain and it helps the child read outside the context of school related anxiety. I remember how I used to hate reading, mostly because to me reading meant school! Allow your children to relax. Allow them to play with others. Give them the opportunity to recharge. Ensure they go out and meet with other children. It is beyond romanticism to say that there is a lesson in everything we do. Lessons do not only happen in class. And important lessons are not only those which are written on a syllabus.

Steve Libreri is a social worker and parent coach within Willingness. He offers parent coaching and social work sessions. He can be contacted on steve@willingness.com.mt.